Wholesale Essential Oils Discount

Wholesale discounts on High Quality Essential Oils

Young Living essential oils are some of the only Therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils available today. Young Living is the most innovative and abundant producer of essential oils with well over 130 essential oils and blends. They control the process from seed to seal and keep discovering new plants and creating new oils regularly. They produce their own frankincense which is the highest grade I have ever seen anywhere.

Essential Oils can be used to help get over numerous conditions whether they be physical, emotional or mental, essential oils work on all levels, and when used correctly, can have a true impact on your quality of life.


Get a 24% Wholesale Essential Oils Discount

Young Living is offering you the chance to become a member and get a 24% essential oil discount on all their products.

member-benefits“What is a Member?”. You are probably familiar with Costco and other types of membership stores right? Well if you aren’t, these stores are open only to members who pay a yearly fee. Being a member gives them access to the store and special discounts, often these are around 10 to 20%. You are expected to pay your membership fee every year if you want to continue to shop there.

Young Living’s Member status works almost the same way. To gain access to their 24% wholesale essential oils discount on all their products, you are asked to buy a Start Living kit. This is not a membership card, these kits (starting at $40) contain real products, samples and great information about Young Living and their entire product line. As long as you place a $50 order per year, you keep your Member status and your super discount.

So let’s go over how this works:

1. You sign up under the Member status
2. You buy 1 Start Living Kit (starting at $40) that includes actual YL products, samples and information.
3. You get immediate access to ALL YL products at your new 24% discount


What’s the catch?
There is none, just like costco or other membership type stores, you are now a member and can benefit from the 24% essential oil discount.

To keep your discount you only have to order 50pv (about $50) worth of product per year. If you don’t, you simply loose the Member status and have to order another kit if you choose to re-enroll.

Are there order minimums or requirements?
No. You are not required to sell products to anyone or buy products each month. You do have to order a minimum of 50pv  per year to keep your status. (see above)

Once you become a Member, there are no requirements, unlike other companies you don’t have to order every month, you don’t have to sign up other people, you don’t have to attend marketing meeting etc…
Can I sell products to others or help them get started with YL? Yes but again this is not a requirement.

As a Young Living Member you get to purchase any of their products at 24% Off the public price!

Click here to sign up as a Young Living Member

Get essential oil discount



Here is what this means for you:

As you can see the higher the price of the oil the higher the savings! You can save $10 on one of my favorite essential oil blends: Thieves!

Retail Price Member Price
Lemon 15ml $12.83 $9.75 ($3.08 savings)
Thieves 15ml $41.78 $31.75 ($10.03 savings)
Peace&Calming 15ml $39.14 $29.75 ($9.42 savings)
NingXia Red – 1 Liter $52.30 $39.75 ($12.55 savings!!)

So with your 24% member essential oils discount, your $40 Start Living Kit will pay for itself in your first couple orders!
Click here to sign up as a Young Living Member

As an added bonus you become part of my personal network and I am available to you by email to help you find the best oils and solutions for you and your family.  As an added Bonus, once you have made your first purchase you will be able to share your testimonials (which will include your personal YL sign up link) on this site. This is a great and easy way for you to get more exposure and build your network on auto pilot. So join the family and start buying your essential oils today!

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