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10 Essential Oils everyone should have

Article By Darby Line LMT, CCA.

Based on 10 years of using essential oils and the advice of experienced oilers, here’s my list of “must-have oils” that every home should have. Remember, of course, these are therapeutic grade essential oils–not “recreational fragrances” which make up the majority of fragrant oils on the market. There is a HUGE difference! For therapeutic results, always always always use therapeutic grade oils! My choice is Young Living Essential Oils–some of the best on the planet!

VALOR. Young Living’s beautiful, multi-purpose blend is a fantastic first oil to apply immediately to bumps and bruises. Also, apply daily to the soles of the feet or wrists to help balance your energy and ground you.

PANAWAY: Young Living’s pain relief blend that has immediate results for many things (like a heavy can dropped on a toe!).

CYPRESS. A single oil distilled from the branches of cypress trees. Can help stop bleeding when applied on exposed skin away from the bleed–NOT directly on the cut (example: for nosebleeds, apply to inside of upper arm).

PURIFICATION: an outstanding blend for insect stings and bites, and for scrapes; also repels insects. It purifies the air when diffused.

THIEVES: This powerful antimicrobial blend of oils is available in several forms including a handy purse-size spray (great for purifying an area like a toilet seat), hand purifier (so much healthier than the others out on the market!), and of course, the oil itself. Apply to the bottoms of your feet for a boost to your immune system.

LEMON: This antiseptic oil can help bring a fever down with repeated doses on the spine or inside the forearms. It’s a gentle oil, safe for children. 2-4 drops would be plenty for an infant. To help a sluggish digestive system, add 5-6 drops to a glass of water and drink it down.

LAVENDER. A favorite with many people, lavender is calming to the nervous system. It is excellent for minor burns and sunburn–my first choice for either! You can mix 20 drops of lavender in 4 ounces of aloe vera juice and use as a spray on sunburn.

PEPPERMINT. “Cools the body, stimulates the brain, soothes digestion.” It can help bring down a fever, relieve bloating and gas, and keep you alert. It relieves headaches, clears sinuses, helps with smoking cessation, and has been clinically shown to help with IBS. And, a few drops in water it can also decrease appetite.

FRANKINCENSE. A great boost for the immune system, this ancient oil elevates mood and helps with depression, and supports “the connection between heaven and earth.”

PEACE & CALMING. To help with sleep; to relieve stress; to calm hyper kids and animals; any situation where peace or calming is needed–this oil is the best!

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Minkey, whose presentation at Young Living’s 2010 Convention inspired these comments and provided invaluable information on the topic of “The Family First Aid Kit” of essential oils.

Get your own oils, brighten up your life.

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Essential Oils for a good nights sleep

If you know someone who needs to get some sleep, this message was created with them in mind. Please feel free to share this information with someone you know who might benefit by using an all-natural, more holistic approach to a better night’s sleep.

“A friend suggested that I try using the essential oil of valerian for sleep, so I decided to do a little research; the National Institutes of Health has a website devoted to Valerian for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders.: http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Valerian.asp. I was amazed how much clinical investigation there was on the properties of this oil. What I read about valerian was that it was very highly regarded as an all-natural sedative. What I learned about valerian from using it was that it is calming, relaxing, balancing, and a sleep aid. Just an aside, Valerian Root is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) for ingestion by the FDA. I would make sure the oil you use is therapeutic grade. ” John Rosenberger, Moses Lake , Washington

It is estimated that Americans spend $14 Billion dollars, every year, on our Sleep Disorders!

  • 58% of adults experience symptoms of insomnia a few nights or more per week
  • 35% of adults report at least one symptom of insomnia every night or almost every night
  • For those looking for a safe, effective, and cost-effective alternative, Young Living’s beautiful essential oils stand alone.
  • Try some oils tonight before you go to sleep. You may be pleasantly surprised!

“I use Essential Oil of Cedarwood on my feet before I go to bed and sleep like a baby! It stimulates the pineal gland which releases natural Melatonin. I feel this is also good for the brain since Cedarwood is high in sesquiterpenes [brain food]. I have also used Alkalime and Lavender for sleep….love it.” – Jackie K., Hemphill , Texas

“I put my daughter to sleep every night with a story and a kiss. Recently, I have added some reflexology techniques and the rubbing of Peace and Calming essential oils to the bottom of her feet, and some in her palms to smell deeply. The two of us become so relaxed and sleepy that we had to change our nightly ritual to stories first and oils last. She sleeps so soundly her blankets stay perfectly neat until she wakes up in the morning. Wonderful!” Stacy Allen

Suggested Oils for Sleep:

  • Valor
  • Lavender
  • Dream Catcher (For Nightmares)
  • Peace & Calming
  • Valerian (Strong)

Feel free to share this message with someone you know who might benefit from a better night’s sleep.

All these oils are available from Young Living Essential Oils

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