Here is a great testimonial received just a few days ago by my sponsor.

Gabrielle writes: I just love these oils! Three weeks ago I burnt my leg on the muffler of a Harley…big ouch! It was two hours before I got home to my oils (usually have at least five in my bag). I went straight for the Peppermint, then Lavender, alternating every few hours. That night I bumped a bit of the skin and thought, “This is going to be nasty and difficult to heal even with the oils”. But I kept doing the same routine for a week and managed to keep the skin intact. By now the surrounding skin was beginning to shrink, wrinkle and itch and the potential blisters never really developed on the deep burn area.

Two weeks later I’m scratching off the dead skin, using some moisturizer and Lavender to help. Then I put some Thieves oil on it and that was the turning point. By the third week it’s clear with only a shadow of color to indicate a burn. It’s still getting Lavender and Frankincense a few times a week. My nurse friend couldn’t believe her eyes and now wants to order the oils. We are so blessed to have access to these beautiful oils from our earth.

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