It’s summer and with the bright sunshine and warm breeze come the unfortunate invasion of spiders and ants in our homes. Living in California, we have A LOT of spiders of all shapes and sizes and I would rather they not hang out in our house. The other invader we are dealing with at the moment is a colony of ants trying to get into the cracks in the foundation.

I tried the vinegar sprays, the natural bug repellent which did work but they eventually came right back. I know that bugs don’t like essential oils and tried peppermint a few ties but again no lasting results. So I tried the Thieves spray, I sprayed the entry point into the house and some of their tracks. I came back 5 minutes later and the coast was clear, not a single ant in sight AND 10 days later they have not returned! I feel good that I have not sprayed ┬áchemicals near our organic plants and have kept them at bay at the same time.

Do not use this around cats as they are too sensitive to oils and this might cause some liver damage.



Use Thieves spray as a bug repellent in your house and outdoors – it works beautifully!

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