My first introduction to Young Living was because I had a lump along side my esophagus in my neck. It was growing quickly and very painful, I didn’t know what it was or what to do about it so I asked a friend who was a nurse to look at it for me. She told me she might have an essential oil I could use on it. When she looked at it she said the whole side of my neck was swelled and it hurt to do things as simple as raising my arm on that side. She put a couple of drops of Thieves on it, neat. The oil felt very hot and was obviously very powerful, she gave me the bottle and told me to apply it directly morning, noon and night until my symptoms went away. I did as she said but gave the bottle back after 4 days because I couldn’t pay for what I was using. On the 6th day, even though I had stopped applying oils on the 4th, all my symptoms were gone and 9 yrs later have not returned. I never got a diagnosis but I don’t need one since the problem is gone. Thanks to Thieves blend!
Vicki W.

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