CEDARWOOD (Cedrus Atlantica)

Inhaling the oils of cedarwood increases the ability to think clearly and enhances the awareness needed for effective prayer and meditation. This is because of all the essential oils of the world, Cedarwood contains the highest concentration of sesquiterpenes, which have the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier and oxygenate the brain directly upon inhalation by way of the nasal passages and the olfactory nerves. It has been suggested that cedarwood oil might prevent senility and Alzheimer’s disease.

Perhaps this is why the palaces of King David and King Solomon were built of cedar. King Solomon contracted King Hiram to supply all the materials needed (The Cedars of Lebanon) in return for wheat and fine oils for every year as long as it took to complete the temple. Unfortunately, the cedars of Lebanon were nearly forested to extinction and today only small patches exist in the far regions.

Key Chemistry: Cedarwood contains 98% sesquiterpenes which deprogram misinformation written in the DNA due to trauma, abuse, loss and ancestral and limiting beliefs. Sesquiterpenes are considered the antidepressant in this valuable aspect. Cedarwood may also be useful as a general cerebral stimulant.
It may be diffused or applied topically as desired.

Fragrant Influence: Stimulates the limbic region of the brain (the center of emotions) and the pineal gland, which releases melatonin. Terry Friedmann, MD found in clinical tests that this oil was able to successfully treat ADD and ADHD (attention deficit disord ers) in children. It is recognized for its calming, purifying properties.

Medical Properties: Combats hair loss (alopecia areata), antibacterial, lymphatic stimulant.

USES: Hair loss, arteriosclerosis, ADHD, skin problems (acne, eczema)

Application: (1) Apply on location, (2) massage on feet, (3) directly inhale, (4) diffuse

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Two great testimonials for Cedarwood:

….And speaking of Cedarwood. I have a nasty cold and sore throat. A couple Sundays ago I woke up with a hacking cough and my wife told me to put Cedarwood on my throat & chest. I did, and it helped immensely.

At night I place a drop or two of Cedarwood on my forehead and temples then dab the rest under my nose or perhaps on the outer rims of my ears. I fall asleep much more easily, perhaps because Cedarwood is known to stimulate melatonin, the “sleep hormone.”

* Use only the BEST therapeutic grade essential oils. EO’s from bath shops and natural foods stores are often perfume grade and thus may not yield therapeutic results. Perfume grade oils have been rendered toxic by the distillation method, fillers, chemical extractants, etc. and may cause adverse reactions.

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