Back to School is upon us and with that come anxieties, little aches and pains as well as colds and runny noses. Here are some wonderful safe and natural suggestions I received today from my sponsor Darby, enjoy!
Below are some suggested oils great for kids. They can be used singly or you can blend a few of them together.Bergamot Essential oil – calms the nervous system & reduces anxiety.
Apply on tissue to inhale or soles of feet for long lasting effect.

Eucalyptus globulus – a great respiratory support;
It is helpful for coughs and sinus issues. Place on hands or tissue to breathe in.

Orange essential oil – is helpful with stress & mental fatigue.
Use on soles of feet or diffuse during study time.

Lavender essential oil – well known as a calming oil.
Place on soles of feet or temples for comfort.

Mandarin or Tangerine – these are uplifting oils and
Mandarin is used in classrooms in Europe.
Diffuse or place on tissue to inhale.

Peppermint essential oil – considered to be a mental stimulant and
is good for study focus. Diffuse during study time.

Pine or Balsam Fir essential oil – good for nervous exhaustion.
Mix with carrier oil for muscle pain and place over area of concern.

Rosemary essential oil – a brain stimulant and also
helpful with respiratory problems. Diffuse or place on tissue for inhalation.

Tea Tree essential oil – a great immune system booster.
Place on soles of feet.

And don’t forget Thieves!!! My friend Liz in NJ rubbed Thieves (diluted 50-50) on her little boy’s chest every day before he went off to school. He had perfect attendacne the whole year, even when other kids were down with colds and flu. When his teacher leaned down to give him his perfect attendance award, she added, “And you always smell like a gingerbread cookie!”
Remember when you place an order of 190 PV this month you get a F.REE bottle of Peace & Calming (perfect for soothing anxious little ones (and grownups) any time, especially at night) , a botle of Peppermint, and a package of Roller-Glides which convert any 15 ml oil into a roll-on! 
And ALWAYS remember: Essential Oils can change lives–pass it on!!

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