Discover the Benefits of Group Acupuncture

I recently sat down with Tiffany K. Pollard MS, L.Ac., LMP owner of Synergy Wellness Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Center in Kirkland WA to ask her a few questions about an exciting new treatment method called Group Acupuncture.

What is “Group Acupuncture” and Why Should I Try It?!

Group style acupuncture is growing increasingly popular in progressive cities across America… And for good reason. Let me begin by explaining what it is: Beyond the obvious (acupuncture given in a group setting rather than one-on-one), it is a way to receive care that in many ways transcends the benefits of “private” treatments.

1. Just as with anything that is done in a group, the effects can be amplified. That is right… The results can actually be more effective both on the physical and on the mental-emotional level.
2. Your appointment time is shorter which frees up more of your precious time!.
3. The cost is greatly reduced, making this an incredibly affordable way to practice self-care, to recover from pain/injury, or treat any of the other imbalances that acupuncture is known to help. In some centers the cost of a treatment is less than what a couple would spend eating out; less that what most people spend on coffee and snacks during one day!

As soon as I learned about the concept of Group Acupuncture I knew we were on to something amazing! Its time has come. We are in desperate need of affordable, preventive and holistic care. Not just any care… Medicine that is known, proven over thousands of years to work… Sometimes miraculously. And everyone deserves access to this care; money should not be an obstacle!

So let me go ahead and ask some basic questions to help everyone understand what to expect from this group experience:

Is there any privacy or does everyone get to hear what I say? Answer: We have a lovely room; dimly lit, peaceful and calming with music playing as well as a “white noise” machine going. It is pretty hard to hear what others are saying unless they are talking loud.
Do I have to take clothes off? Answer: No. Just your shoes and socks, and maybe a sweater of jacket if you are wearing one. Wear comfortable clothes (workout gear works great). We just need to be able to access your arms and lower legs.
Is it as effective as a private treatment? Answer: Yes! And in some ways even more so.
What if I can’t relax with others in the room? Answer: It may be a bit of an adjustment at first, but I have never had anyone complain about this. In fact in most cases folks report that it is even more relaxing!
How often do I need to come? Answer: Depends on what you are being treated for. Sometimes people come in 2 times per week for a couple of weeks, then decrease to once per week, then down to a “tune-up” schedule of what works for them (usually once per month or per season).

Not all Group Acupuncture rooms are created equal!

At Synergy Wellness Center in Kirkland WA, we have a truly amazing space. Almost everyone falls in love with it immediately. We have comfortable massage tables to lay on (and they are kept very clean). It is warm and cozy. And we use only the best in treatment supplies and essential oils… Which leads me to another key point: When you receive a treatment at Synergy it is no ordinary experience. We use a combination of strategically placed acu-points, essential oil medicine, and powerful energy work. This is far more potent and powerful than acupuncture alone.

We have stellar Practitioners at Synergy. Each one is highly trained and has particular areas of expertise. We all spend considerable time and money on continued higher education and training so that we can bring the very cutting edge of this medicine to you. I might be a bit biased as the owner of Synergy :), but being a teacher of Chinese Medicine myself, I am also extremely selective about choosing who I work with (and who works on you). I have received treatment from each one of our gifted Practitioners and do not bat an eyelid as I recommend them whole-heartedly to you!

I hope to see you soon, and please feel free to call or email with any questions.

I would like to Thank Tiffany for her time and congratulate her on her amazing wellness center. Discover more about Group Acupuncture as well as all the other holistic therapies offered at Synergy on their website.

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