While it is not too difficult to comprehend the medicinal benefits one can derive from plant based essential oils it might be a little more challenging to understand why and how essential oils affect our mood and emotions.

As a modern society we have greatly evolved in many way and unfortunately regressed in others. As we grow older we tend to become more and more closed to our emotions, not letting them get in the way. We ignore, fight, repress these powerful energies that are our negative feelings. The energy attached to our now stored negative emotions does not simply disappear, it attaches to our energetic body. Over time this negative energy can strengthen with recurring negative thought forms and continued repression and storage of new negative experiences.

Unless released or removed from the aura these blockages can have a direct effect on the physical body leading to pain, imbalance and unfortunately even disease.

“The limbic system, or old brain, is particularly affected, as the memory of trauma is stored in this “seat of emotions”. Studies conducted at New York University proved that the amygdala (gland of the limbic system that stores and releases emotional trauma) ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of smell. It does not respond to sound, sight or touch.” healingaia Holistic Wellness

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils access and trigger the limbic system almost immediately upon inhalation, bypassing the ego and the mind, allowing us to unlock and release “emotional baggage” from cellular memory. While essential oils are powerful tools on their own they become even stronger healing tools when accompanied by massage, meditation or better yet: Etheric Healing.

“Once we give ourselves permission to truly feel and let go, we can shift our perspective, learn our lessons, and uplift our consciousness. For these reasons, essential oils are also the perfect starting point for one’s healing journey because they access and clear layers of emotion and trauma that we may not be conscious of, or may have been blocking our ability to progress and move forward.” healingaia Holistic Wellness

I use essential oils daily and was amazed when I experienced healingaia’s channeled essential oils blends. Their frequency is unlike any I have experienced and when used with their regimen these blends allow you to experience true emotional release and balance. All their blends are energetically imprinted with healing energies adding to their already divine balancing energy. There are currently five blends available, each has been channeled with a specific intention and for a specific purpose. I have tried them all and invite you to read more about each one and experience these powerful blends for yourself.

Find out more about healingaia’s channeled essential oil blends

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