Diffusing Essential Oils in your home is a great way to fight against germs and viruses while keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. Essential oils have wonderful mood elevating properties and also raise the frequency of your home all of these factors make these little gems of nature perfect for you and your family.

Recommended oils for your home diffuser:
Tea Tree is one of the strongest anti-microbial and anti-bacterial oils around and is perfect for use in your home. This is a Pet Safe Oil

Eucalyptus is another strong germ fighter and is also safe for your pets.

If you don’t have any pets in the house then you could use Lemon Essential oil or a Tea tree and Lemon mix. Lemon is harmful to your pets so please do not use it around them.

There is today’s tip – quick and easy 🙂
Always use 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in your home – other oils contain fillers that may be harmful to you when diffused.

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