Thieves Cleaner A Natural Alternative for Plants

Here is a wonderful testimonial that was shared with me today. Thieves Household Cleaner to the rescue! Now, tell me–how many household cleaners can you think of that can do this?!! Amazing! Check it out:

R. writes: For a number of years I have been planting lovely creeping plants beside some poles on my veranda, and losing them one by one. Being a new gardener I put it down to my ignorance about soil preparation, over watering etc.

Recently I learned about the parasites called ‘root know nematodes’ and that not only are they very common here in Central Australia , but they attack the roots of plants. “When young nematodes burrow into plant roots their feeding stimulates the production of tumour-like growths and these inhibit the plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients. The result is a weak plant, reduced growth and productivity, and plants also become susceptible to secondary fungal infections and to sudden wilting” (Wikipedia). The mystery solved, I moved into action on my 2 wilting bougainvilleas.

So, I got out my versatile Thieves Household Cleaner and twice daily for a week I added a tablespoon of Thieves Household Cleaner to a 2 litre jug of water and gave each plant 1 litre of this mix. In a week, new growth had appeared and the wilting and weakness had disappeared. Yeah!!! Another garden heartache and costly replacement avoided! Love the oils!


I have been using the Thieves spray bottles to get rid of ants and parasites on my roses and it works wonders. Mixing a little Thieves cleaner with distilled water in a spray bottle seems like a better and more economical idea. Whichever solution you choose, Thieves spray or Thieves cleaner they are both powerful natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solutions that can safely be used anywhere around the house even around small children and pets.


Products mentioned in this testimonial:
Thieves Household Cleaner: $28.29 – 14.4fl oz
Thieves Household Cleaner: $111.51 – 64fl oz
Thieves Spray: $10.53 – 1fl oz
Thieves Spray 3pack: $28.29 – 1fl oz

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