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How to receive F*ree Essential Oils

So there is a lot of talk about Young Living and the quality of their oils. Today I would like to share a few words on one of the most exciting programs Young Living offers it’s distributors.

Introducing The Essential Rewards program! It is an exciting program, that gives all distributors the opportunity to earn free reward points for every autoship order they place. They can then redeem these points for free Young Living Oils. I use this program and cash out before the holidays which allows me to give my family lots of free oils. It also allows me to get some of the more expensive oils like Sacred Frankincense and Rose for Free!!

Basic Overview: Essential Rewards Program

  • You save money because points are earned for every essential rewards purchase – towards free product. You also save on shipping, because you are offered flat rate shipping.
  • You will receive educational opportunities, and exclusive “member only” promotions.
  • The Essential Rewards program is an easy-order process. You choose what products you want – and when you want them delivered.
  • Sign up directly through your Distributor administration panel.
  • Security of having the products that you consistently use and share with others. Just make your selection, and then put your mind at ease. Young Living will do the rest.
  • Change your mind? Give Young Living a call and cancel the program at anytime! Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you redeem your points (for free product) before you cancel; otherwise, you’ll lose them.
  • Your Essential Rewards order is shipped the same day each month. The cost is billed to your credit card or to your arranged payment method.

Earning Points Toward Free Products – (when you place a monthly qualifying order.)

For the 1st six months that you are enrolled in this program – you will receive 10% “reward” on every shipment. Please note: You must be enrolled in the Essential Rewards program in order to receive these rewards – and only rewards shipments qualify you to receive the free products.

For the next six months that you are enrolled – you’ll earn a 15% reward on every shipment – and for months 13 and beyond – you’ll earn 20% REWARD on every Essential Rewards shipment! Imagine what you would do with all that FREE product!

  • After participating in the program for two months, you are eligible to redeem your essential reward points for any PV product. Call Distributor Network Services at 1-800-371-2928 and speak with one of the representatives.

I’ll look forward to assisting you with getting enrolled in the Essential Rewards program – and the sooner, the better!

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DKNY Recommends Thieves Essential Oil Blend

In Allure Magazine – March 2012 issue – designer Donna Karan (DKNY) writes about “10 Things Every Woman Should Have” ………………. See #8 below – It’s Young Living Essential Oils “Thieves”!! Thank you to my upline for sharing this 🙂

I would add the following two blends:
Lavender to put on cut scrapes, insect bites…
Peppermint place a drop on your tongue to help with bad breath, stomach aches, bloating…

Order your oils today!

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young living on tv

Here is a fun presentation of Young Living oils on a local tv station. Enjoy!


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December’s Recipe Using Clove and More!

Young Living RecipeOh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree…how lovely are thy seasonal fruits! Mixed with fresh baby greens, this makes a festive holiday salad with colors that glimmer like twinkling lights. I like to introduce this dish by separating the ingredients for my children to design their own edible Christmas trees. I encourage them to decorate any way they choose and then we take pictures of their artwork. They are more excited to eat their creations when they have had their hand in the creative play—and I am thrilled to see them eating healthfully!

Clove, cinnamon, tangerine, and orange YLTG essential oils electrify the taste buds for a delicious, tangy, sweet, and spicy start to any holiday celebration. As we sprinkle drops of orange oil on the salad (see recipe instructions), I like to share with my children the story of how in times of hardship, seasonal fruits and nuts were given as presents instead of toys. The drops of oil nestled within the fresh greens represent oranges as presents under the Christmas tree. The surprise is revealed when tasting the hint of oil throughout each bite. Brighten this time of the year with health and vitality from the gifts found in nature.

Until next post: January’s Chipotle Party Pepper Poppers

Happy Eating!

Chef Mandy

Clove Cinnamon Seeds

1 c. soaked and dried pumpkin seeds

1 c. soaked and dried sunflower seeds

3/4 c. maple syrup or maple sugar

¼ c. Nama Shoyu or wheat-free Tamari

1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper

2 drops YLTG clove oil

1 drop YLTG cinnamon oil

This component should be made at least two days ahead of time. Combine ingredients and pour onto solid dehydrator sheets in one layer. Dehydrate 24 hours @ 105° Fahrenheit. Flip the gooey mixture onto mesh sheets. Continue drying until crisp, approximately 24 hours. Store in the freezer until ready to use.

Tangerine Pomegranate Vinaigrette

1/3 c. raw honey or maple sugar

1/4 c. pomegranate juice

1/4 c. balsamic vinegar

1 c. grapeseed oil

1 Tbsp. dried parsley flakes

1 Tbsp. dried onion flakes

1/4 tsp. ground mustard powder

1/4 tsp. Himalayan salt

1/4 tsp. fresh ground pepper

3 Tbsp. poppy seeds

4 drops YLTG tangerine oil

Half one pomegranate and juice both halves in a citrus juicer, as if juicing an orange. Reserve 1/4 cup extracted juice for the dressing. Blend first three ingredients in a Vita Mix blender. On slow speed, add grapeseed oil until emulsified. Pulse chop the remaining ingredients. (Before adding the tangerine oil, I like to taste the dressing first. Then, I add the oil drops to taste the difference. I truly appreciate how delightful the oil flavors the recipe!)

Orange Holiday Greens

1 lb. mixed baby greens

4 Fuyu persimmons, julienne

4 red pears, julienne

2 baby cucumbers, sliced

Seeds from 1 pomegranate

4 drops YLTG orange oil, per serving

1 starfruit, sliced (optional to top the tree)

Toss baby greens with vinaigrette. Mound salad greens in the center of each plate. Drop 4 drops orange oil throughout each mound of greens. Arrange ingredients around plate for everyone to decorate their own Christmas tree. Top the mound with a slice of starfruit (optional).

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Quick Guide to Nutrition

In your busy daily routine, remembering to grab the right vitamins and supplements can sometimes be a challenge. To help you grab and go, Young Living has developed a color-coded quick-reference system that helps you select the right supplements your body needs.

YL_ProductBlog_MultiGreenGreen: Foundational/Core Nutrition: Products labeled in green offer a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and other basic nutrients to give you a boost and keep you going all day long. These supplements are intended for daily use. Check individual labels for dosage instructions.

YL_ProductBlog_ComforToneBlue: Cleansing Support: Products labeled in blue can support healthy digestion with clinically proven and time-tested essential oils, nutrients, and enzymes. Take a dose every day or as needed.

YL_ProductBlog_BLMRed: Targeted Support: Red-labeled products have specific ingredients targeted to different areas of your body, such as your bones and muscles, endocrine system, kidney, bladder, cardiovascular system, and more.

Young Living Inner Defense Dietary SupplementGold: Essential Oil-infused Support: Look for the gold nutrition labels lined with green, blue, or red for vitamins and supplements infused with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. These precision-delivery liquid softgels dissolve at the precise moment needed in your system for maximum results. See individual labels for dosage instructions.

As always, if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Check out our full line of nutrition products here.

Jennifer Vance
Associate Product Manager, Nutrition

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How to save when buying Essential Oils

Young Living essential oils are only available through the YL website. The ordering process is very simple like most online stores. When joining Young Living you can choose between 3 Customer Profiles:

You can purchase all Young Living products at the public price
Requirements: None click here to Join Young Living as a customer

Wholesale Member:
You benefit from a 24% discount on all your Young Living purchases
Requirements: You must purchase a ‘Start Living’ Distributor kit with your first order to validate your status as a Wholesale Member (price ranges from $40 to $250). You do not have to be enrolled in Autoship. There are no monthly minimums or required orders.

You are also not required to sell any products to anyone or sponsor anyone to maintain your discount. click here to Join Young Living as a Wholesale Member Start Living kits are packed with great information about Young Living and educational material and also have great products at discount prices so chances are you would have ordered what they contain anyway.To find out more about the start living kits follow this link

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