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3 Must Have Essential Oils!

These natural extracts of plants have long played a vital role in our lives. From the times of the ancient Ayurveda to the Unani and the Chinese, to luxurious beauty products and perfumes that are produced – essential oils are an important ingredient of them all.

The good thing is these oils are super effective, can be used in a lot of versatile ways, hold multiple benefits, are cost effective and pocket-friendly, and are absolutely natural. Essential oils are known to carry a strong aroma, healing properties, are antidepressants, immune strengtheners, can fight bacteria, virus, fungus and other microbes. These oils can either be applied topically on the ailing areas of the body, or as used in the aromatherapy; can be mixed with water or other herbal concoctions and ingested, or can be diffused into the air and their fumes can be inhaled.

Of course, every essential oil has its own therapeutic properties and may function and respond to one’s body differently. It is important that you learn about the different types of essential oils before indulging into the natural therapies.

Almost any or every ailment in the world can expect some sort of relief and aid from essential oils. However, it is always advised that you consult your physician before using the oil in your daily routine. Also, always conduct a patch test or use it for a short while to ensure there are no side effects on your health. Pregnant & nursing women and children below the age of six are advised to not use essential oils.

The 3 must have essential oils. You simply should not be without them. Read on to find out more about their uses and benefits in your day to day life and their impact on your overall health.

  1. Lavender Essential Oil

lavenderThe most revered name in the essential oil world is the name of the magical essential oil of the lavender plant. Blessed with healing and therapeutic properties and a mesmerizing aroma, this oil is number one on our list of must have essential oils.

Benefits of lavender oil:

The essential oil of lavender offers a multitude of functions and is widely used across the world in aromatherapies. The oil has antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You could experience the following benefits on adding this magical lotion to your closet:

  1. Pour three to four drops of lavender oil on cotton swabs and place it in your wardrobe to keep moths and insects away.
  2. Diffuse the oil into the air using a diffuser and inhale the pleasant fumes to shed off your weariness. This would calm your nerves down and help you sleep better.
  3. Add a few drops of lavender oil to sunflower oil. Repel mosquitos by spritzing this mixture all over your body.
  4. Add a few drops of the oil to a humidifier and let the fumes relieve your stuffy nose and other respiratory problems.
  5. Spritz a few drops all over your pillow or your bedding and get ready for a peaceful night sleep.
  6. Use the oil to treat acne and fight blemishes.
  7. Lavender oil can help your heal your headache naturally in the most effective way.
  8. You can use the oil of lavender to treat dry and patchy skin. Just mix it with a carrier oil and spread it across evenly on your face and / or body.
  9. Apply the oil topically on skin in case of insect bites and let the healing and regenerative properties of the oil heal your skin.
  10. Lavender oil also holds properties that speed up healing and reduce scars and minor burns.

  1. Frankincense Essential Oil

frankincenseThe second most important oil to have in your healing box is the essential oil of frankincense. This historical renowned lotion has been used across cultures for many religious purposes. The oil holds its roots to the times of the Christ and the Tutankhamen king.

Benefits of Frankincense oil:

  1. Add the essential oil of frankincense in your lotion or soap, and keep acne at bay.
  2. The oil helps in calming and healing burns, cuts, scrapes, and rashes.
  3. The oil is believed to eliminate negative energy from the user’s aura. Use it in aromatherapy for a refreshing massage that not only purifies your skin but also nullifies the negativity around you.
  4. Researchers are studying frankincense oil for it might have a cure for cancer.
  5. Mix frankincense oil with coconut oil and rub it on your or your child’s feet. This will help boost immunity and let you sleep comfortably through the night.
  6. Diffuse the oil in your room and enjoy the aroma that will uplift your mood.
  7. Treat nasal congestion and wheezing by pouring a few drops on your handkerchief and inhaling the essence every few minutes. The oil can also help you fight asthma and other allergies.
  8. Rub the oil on your wrists, behind your ears and your temples to relieve stress.
  9. Use the oil of frankincense over your stretch marks for a quick recovery. The oil has regenerative properties and improves blood circulation that helps in reducing the marks and promotes a healthier skin.
  10. Adding a few drops of frankincense oil to your bath and soaking in this water for 20 – 25 minutes can help you alleviate menstrual pain.

Note: Use the best quality i.e. high grade frankincense essential oil in order to see visible results.

  1. Lemon Essential Oil

lemonThe last oil on your list of must have essential oils is the Lemon essential oil. Don’t we all love the citrusy smell of lemon? Well, the oil has a strong citrusy aroma and many health and home-cleansing benefits too. It can instantly uplift you and your surroundings.

Benefits of Lemon oil:

  1. Add a few drops of lemon oil to your home cleaning products for a fresh smell. This also cleanses bacterial residue.
  2. Use the oil of lemon with your shampoo and let it cleanse your scalp and stimulate hair growth.
  3. Just put a drop of essential oil on your price tag and it will slide off easily.
  4. Wave off bad odor from your home or workplace by diffusing this oil in the air.
  5. Bid goodbye to chemical cleansers and use the essential oil of lemon to wipe off your skin. The oil has antimicrobial properties and promotes an even skin tone.
  6. Sweet tooth causing weight gain? Not anymore. Just inhale the lemon essential oil and let its aroma do the work. Not only will it curb the desire to eat something sweet, it will also refresh you post lunch and energize you for a better day at work.
  7. Add a few drops of the lemon oil to a teaspoon of honey and let this mix cure bad breath.
  8. Ingest a few drops of lemon oil with a teaspoon of honey and warm water to fight flu and cold. This concoction can also aid in digestion and help you get rid of heartburn.
  9. Pour a few drops of lemon essential oil in your bathing water and say goodbye to body odor. This also keeps skin allergies at bay.
  10. Lemon oil also helps in reducing cellulite.

Note: Do not use the essential oil of lemon when traveling in the sun as this can increase sun sensitivity and cause skin burns.

Like what you just read? Then buy these 3 must have essential oils now!

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Geranium Essential Oil

Young Living Essential Oils was mentioned in the December/January 2008 issue of Domino magazine, a style magazine centered on the home. In this current issue, Joshua Onysko, founder and alchemist of Pangea Organics body-care, mentions Young Living’s geranium essential oil as “one of the top eco-centric ways to look and feel fabulous in 2008.”

When used as a calming scrub, Onysko says, “The best essential oil by far is geranium. The scent, sweet and pungent, goes right to the frontal lobe, relieving tension and anxiety. The oil also helps speed up the reproduction of skin cells—a few drops mixed into a cup of sea salt and jojoba oil is a rejuvenating body polish.”

geranium essential oilMore about geranium:
Geranium has a penetrating sweet floral scent. It is restorative and relaxing with a strong strengthening effect while soothing to the mind and body. It has antiseptic properties and is widely used in skin care because of its ability to restore balance to oily or dry hair and skin. It is helpful for skin conditions and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Geranium can be used for inflammation with its mild, soothing effect. The action on the nervous system is pronounced, being a sedative with uplifting characteristics.

Nerve pain study
In a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, researchers divided 30 adults suffering Post Herpetic Neuralgia (the pain that lingers after a case of shingles) into four groups. One group received topical treatments of geranium oil, while two groups received a mix of geranium oil and mineral oil (at ratios of 1 to 1 and 1 to 10), and a fourth group received only mineral oil.

All of the subjects who received any amount of geranium oil reported pain reduction, and those who received treatments containing 100 percent geranium oil experienced the greatest pain relief. The placebo group reported little or no relief. Some subjects experienced a slight irritation from the geranium oil, but these irritations subsided within an hour or so.

Help for pets:
Effective as an insecticide due to its terpene content, Geranium is also used to repel ticks, fleas and mosquitoes from humans and animals alike. Many old herbalist books mention Geranium as being an excellent tick repellent. It can be used by putting the oil on the dog’s collar every week or added to the rinse when bathing. The most effective way to use it is in a spritzer bottle that you can spray on and rub in several times a week. Check with your vet before using essential oils on cats.

Get your own bottle of Therapeutic Grade Geranium Essential oil with a 24% discount off retail.

Note: Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.  IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person.  Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely.  We commend you!

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Natural Bed Bug Treatment


from Janet McBride


Since the recent outbreak of bed bug infestation, many remedies have been tried with little to no success of destroying the eggs.  After World War II, the problem of bed bugs had virtually disappeared from America, because action was taken using DDT.   But DDT was a deadly carcinogenic that destroyed the soil and everything else, and so it was outlawed.  Now, the bed bugs are escalating because of global travel; the increase of homeless and underground communities; the popularity of “Flea” markets and 2nd-hand merchandise; and worst of all, the bed bugs have become Super Bugs in that they have mutated from the DDT!

Natural Bed Bug Treatment:
Oil lovers prefer the Eco-friendly approach, and research shows that tree oils work best against parasites and menacing insects. Gary Young touts the praises of Palo Santo oil as the first choice for insect repellent.  This Ecuadoran tree develops a resin to protect against infestation, and it is from that resin that Young Living distills the Palo Santo oil.  Eucalyptus has been used historically for bed bugs, and Eucalyptus Blue is the first anti-viral Eucalyptus Oil.  Native American Indians relied on pine needles and Cedarwood chips in their mattresses to ward off ticks and fleas.  So, let’s consider a logical approach to attack the bed bugs at home and on vacation:

Natural Bed Bug Treatment Spray
10 drops of Palo Santo
6 drops of Eucalyptus Blue
5 drops of Cedarwood
Combine with 4 oz. Distilled Water in a dark glass Spritzer bottle.

Order your Essential Oils from Young Living today

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Mattress Sachets:
To go after nesting eggs, combine Cornstarch or Baking Soda in Cotton Tea bags (T-Sac – Size 2) with Palo Santo, Eucalyptus Blue and Cedarwood.  Place bags on underside of mattress.

Washing Bed Linens: Thieves Cleaner and Purification Oil Blend

Bug Bites:  Lavender and Purification Oils

Diffuse: Purification, Palo Santo, Eucalyptus Blue

Spray on Bed Between Linen Changes:  Thieves Spray

Palo Santo Oil: Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) comes from the same botanical family (Burseraceae) as frankincense, although it is found in South America rather than the Middle East. Like frankincense, Palo Santo is known as a spiritual oil, traditionally used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies. Even its Spanish name reflects how highly this oil is regarded: Palo Santo means “holy wood” or “sacred wood.” The resin forms only after the tree is down for 5 years, and this resin from which the oil is extracted, protects the tree from various parasites.

Eucalyptus Blue Oil: Eucalyptus Blue has a fresh, invigorating aroma that supports normal breathing and soothes tense muscles. This essential oil is grown and harvested in Ecuador.  This is the first form of Eucalyptus that is also anti-viral.  This essential oil contains high levels of the powerful constituents of eucalyptol and alpha-pinene, and follows in the same tradition as a repellant to insects.

Cedarwood Oil: Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) has a warm, balsamic, woody aroma. It is relaxing and soothing when used for massage, and has long been used as a beneficial ingredient in cosmetic preparations for oily skin.* Cedarwood has an approximate ORAC of 1,689,996 (TE/L) and is the highest form of the cedarwood chips used traditionally to refresh bedding.

Diffuser:  Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils should only be diffused through quality cold-air-diffusers.

Purification® Oil Blend: Purification® is a powerful blend of Therapeutic Grade A Melaleucas (Tea Tree oil);

Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Lavandin and Myrtle essential oils. Purification® can be used directly on the skin to cleanse and soothe insect bites, cuts, and scrapes. When diffused, it helps to purify and cleanse the air from environmental impurities including cigarette smoke and other disagreeable odors.

Thieves Cleaner: Experience the wonder of Thieves® Household Cleaner, as tough stains and problem areas in your home become simple and easy to clean without using harsh or abrasive chemicals.  Thieves Essential Oil is legendary as was proven at Weber State University to exhibit a kill rate of 99.96% against all airborne bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep, e-Coli and Toxic Black Mold.  While bacteria can be dangerous, some industrial cleaners on the market pose an even larger threat to your health. Thieves Household Cleaner is a safe all-purpose concentrate that can be used in every room in your home, without the harsh chemicals. Dilution ratios are listed on the label for your convenience.

Order your Essential Oils from Young Living today

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<a href=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NE0Q2U?ie=UTF8&tag=ylessoil-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000NE0Q2U”>T-Sac – Size 2</a><img src=”http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=ylessoil-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000NE0Q2U” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />

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Basil Essential Oil study on ear infections

basil-essential-oilHere’s a recent study that indicates Basil essential oil can be helpful for ear infections. Of course we NEVER put oils directly into the ear!! but if you put a few drops on a cotton ball and rest the cotton ball on the ear, the aromatic vapors will gently work into the ear and do their wonderful healing. Grapefruit oil is also helpful for ear issues. Do the cotton ball thing, and also rub a drop of the oil on the mastoid process and around the outer ear. (Extra benefit: basil oil and the citrus oils also have relaxing qualities. So if you have a little one (or one who’s not so little!) who is uncomfortable and irritable from the ear infection, these oils can give a double whammy of benefit!

Essential oils may cure ear infections
Journal of Infectious Diseases, June 2005

Applying certain essential oils to the ear canal appears to be an effective treatment for ear infections.

If toxicity studies confirm the safety of (anti-bacterial) essential oil components for use in the ear, then a significant advance can be made in the treatment of ear infections. The vapours that are
released by essential oils, such as oil of basil, have been shown to have rapid bacteria-killing effects. Topical therapy for ear infections is usually not recommended because most drugs are in a
liquid form that cannot penetrate the eardrum to reach the infected middle ear. However, the vapours from essential oils may be able to diffuse through the eardrum and destroy the microbes present.

To investigate, researchers form the Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik , Iceland , tested oil of basil, various essential oil components, and inactive placebo on rats with experimental ear
infections. It was found that treatment with the oils cured up to 81 percent of the animals. With placebo, by contrast, cure rates did not exceed 6 percent.

The team noted that, based on their properties, essential oils may be able to destroy a variety of bacteria that can cause ear infections. They also point out that essential oils are generally
considered to be safe.

Note: Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.  IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person.  Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely.  We commend you!

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Cypress essential oil nosebleeds…and more

Cypress Essential Oil, which can be so supportive for all kinds of circulation issues including edema and varicose/spider veins, is also helpful when dealing with  nosebleeds!  This was explained at the Young Living Convention in a fantastic class by Dr. Peter Minke on emergency first aid with the oils.  Here is what one YL member says about how it works for her family:

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil and nosebleeds! My 12 year old son gets nosebleeds frequently. Dr. Minke said during his class at Grand Convention to put cypress on the inside of each forearm (there are big veins there and that’s one of the fastest ways to get the oils into the blood stream). I’ll do 2 applications on each arm and his nose stops bleeding in under 1-2 minutes every time.

Cypress is one of the oils in the “Oils of Ancient Scripture” set and is also available as a single oil. It’s been used for thousands of years! What else is it good for? Read on!

This info is from the document “120 Uses for the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture” compiled by Janet McBride.

CYPRESS (cupressus sempervirens) The oil of Cypress has been used since ancient times for purification and as incense. Cypress is one of the oils most used for the circulatory system. Because it assists in moving stagnant matter, it actually assists many systems of the body: circulatory, digestive, urinary, and integumentary (skin). It helps with cellulite, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, fluid retention, constipation, edema, excessive perspiration, and hand and feet sweating. It is also effective for muscles and joints, the respiratory system, the reproductive system, and the nervous system.

31. Use a drop or two of Cypress where you would apply a deodorant.
32. Equal parts Cypress and Tangerine mixed with a small amount of V-6 mixing oil makes a wonderful serum for skin toning and also aids with the healing of scar tissue.
(Try five drops of each in a 5ml bottle and then fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil.)
33. Mix several drops of Cypress with pure V-6 mixing oil and apply on location to help with arthritis discomfort. (Those with less sensitive skin may wish to try applying Cypress oil neat.)
34. Apply Cypress neat or diluted on location to ease cramping.
35. Apply a drop of Cypress to a minor injury to facilitate healing and prevent infection.
36. Rub Cypress around the nasal area to help control a nose bleed. (Avoid the eye area.)
37. Use several drops mixed with V-6 mixing oil and apply where needed as an insect repellant.
38. Diffuse Cypress, or inhale directly from the bottle to help with insomnia.
39. Help relieve acute chest discomfort and/or bronchitis by rubbing Cypress on the chest area.
40. Help strengthen blood capillaries and increase circulation by rubbing Cypress mixed with V-6 mixing oil on location. When used with Helichrysum oil, may help with varicose and spider veins.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Always consult with your health care professional on matters concerning your health! Personal testimonials are in no way to be taken as recommended ways to use essential oils.

Cypress therapeutic grade essential oil is available at YoungLiving.  Click here to find out how to save 24% on all your Young Living orders.

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Frankincense and Cancer cells

Here is an article from the Oklahoman newspaper about research at the University of Oklahoma using frankincense on bladder cancer cells:


“Lin said lab testing found an extract of the Somali frankincense tree Boswellia carteri can kill off bladder cancer cells, while leaving normal cells intact.”

The lead researcher, Dr. H. K. Lin, presented his findings at Young Living’s convention in June.  Guess whose frankincense oil he is using for his research—because it’s known to be the purest oil available?? You got it—Young Living’s!

Dr. Lin also said he thought that, based on what he has seen in his research, he thinks everyone should be using frankincense as a form of “chemoprevention.”

Here is yet another recent article on the bbc about Frankincense:

So how would you go about using Frankincense every day?  You may want to start by taking a Longevity softgel everyday and you can also put a drop in your palm and inhale this powerful oil morning and night.

I love the smell and I love the way it makes me feel, inside and out. “Fit for a king…” and a blessing for all of us.


Longevity Soft GelsLongevity™ softgels are a potent, proprietary blend of fat-soluble antioxidants. Longevity blend should be taken daily to strengthen the body’s systems to prevent the damaging effects of aging, diet, and the environment.* Enriched with the pure essential oils thyme, orange, and now frankincense, Longevity protects DHA levels, a nutrient that supports brain function and cardiovascular health, promotes healthy cell regeneration, and supports liver and immune function.* Longevity also contains clove oil, nature’s strongest antioxidant, for ultra antioxidant support.

Public price: $41.78

Member price: $31.75

Becoming a Member is easy: buy a start living kit with your first order and you automatically get a 24% discount on all Young Living products.

Calories: 4 per serving Total Fat: 0 g per serving
30 servings per container

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All Natural household cleaner with essential oils

Thieves Cleaner – Safe & All Natural Household Cleaner with Essential Oils

thieves-household-cleanerAre you still using nasty chemicals to clean your home? How many cleaning products do you have under your kitchen sink? With the amazing Thieves Household Cleaner, you can only have one! That is great savings and no more harmful chemicals being stored in your kitchen. I personally love using Thieves cleaner, it leaves everything smelling wonderful and does a really great job cleaning just about anything. I even use it in my dishwasher and it has replaced my laundry detergent!
I have come across this suggested proportion guide for using the cleaner…as you can see here, you can use it for just about everything.

If you haven’t tried The Thieves Cleaner yet, order it today.
Your 14oz bottle retails for $28.29. Would you like to buy this product and any Young Living product with a 24% discount?
If the answer is yes, click here to discover how to get a special member only discount. All you need to do is buy a Start Living kit (ranging from $40 – $250) with your first order.
Take one more step towards “clean, green” living!

Note: One capfull of Thieves Cleaner = ½ tablespoon

Light Degreasing: 1 capfull thieves cleaner to 3 ¾ cups of water

Medium Degreasing: 1 capfull thieves cleaner to a little less than 2 cups of water

Heavy Degreasing: 1 capfull cleaner to a little less than 1 cup of water

Hand Cleaner: ½ cup thieves cleaner to ½ cup water

Dishwasher: 1 capfull of thieves cleaner

Pots and Pans: ½ capfull of thieves cleaner to 3+ cups of water

Floors: 1 capfull of thieves cleaner to 6 ¼ cups of water

Walls: 1 capfull of thieves cleaner to a little less than 2 cups of water

Fabrics, Carpet Spotting, etc.: 1 capfull of thieves cleaner to 2 cups of water

Washing Machine (laundry): Depending on size of washer, use 1 to 2 capfulls of thieves cleaner

Glass/Windows : 1 capfull of thieves cleaner to 5 quarts of water

Use this fantastic cleaner to clean your sinks, toilets, showers, and etc. and etc.

It also worked great in cleaning the outside of the greasy barbecue grill and stand. There are so many uses for this cleaner, that all it takes is just using it!

You can even fill up a 32 oz. spray bottle with water and add two capfull of thieves to clean counter tops, stove tops or whatever is needed quickly.

Thank you to Richard & Shauna Dastrup Sha-Faun Enterprises, Inc. (3106) for sharing these precious tips.

order your thieves products today

Become a member today and get a 24% discount on all Thieves Essential Oil products

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Athletes Foot natural remedy

Tinea pedis or athletes foot is a fungal infection of the skin that infects the feet. This fungus loves warm moist environment to which many feet are subject. A good way to start with the healing process is to keep the feet dry and stay out of tight shoes.

tea-tree-essential-oilEssential oils are a great way to help you get rid of the infection and here is how:
The single oils used for this treatment are tea tree & lavender or tea tree, peppermint & mountain savory. Existing Young Living Blends : Melrose, Thieves, Purification, ClaraDerm

Athlete’s Foot Natural Remedy:
First Athletes foot blend :
8 drops of teat tree 2 drops of lavender
Second Athletes foot blend : 8 drops of tea tree 4 drops of peppermint 2 drops of mountain savory

You can either dilute the blends with some vegetable oil (50/50) or use them directly onto the feet.
Apply 5 to 7 drops of your blend onto your toes and around your toe nails making sure you cover all areas. Repeat this daily until the the infection has completely cleared. This is a very efficient way of getting rid of Athletes Foot without having to use heavy chemical products.

Please make sure you use only Therapeutic grade essential oils. I recommend using only Young Living essential oils and blends. Click here to find out how to get your own oils

Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice. IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person. Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely.

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Essential oil for cough

What follows is a great testimonial about the RC blend.

rc“Our good friend’s 14 year old daughter Alyssa has had a cough for 2 weeks…it hasn’t gotten better, hasn’t gotten worse, and they were scheduled for a blood test today because the doc didn’t know what was going on.  Alyssa was also supposed to get braces on her teeth today but they were afraid they were going to have to cancel that apt. because of her cough.  Last night I had Alyssa put RC on her chest, gave her 3 drops of Thieves in a ½ tsp of honey and had her put a drop of Thieves on the sole of each foot.  I also loaned her my travel fan diffuser to diffuse RC in her bedroom overnight. She called me this morning to tell me that she woke up this morning uncongested and with not a trace of a cough! They canceled the blood test, and she was able to keep the long-scheduled orthodontist appointment!” RC and Thieves used in combination seemed to support her getting over her cough.

For more information on how to order from Young Living and get a permanent 24% discount click here


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Peppermint Essential Oil

If I had to choose just two Essential Oils to carry with me at all times I would without a doubt pick Lavender and Peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint is your best friend when it comes to helping you cope with indigestion, stomach ache, nausea, headache,mosquitoes and much much more!

If ever you are suffering from any digestion related pains or discomfort applying one or two drops into your palm and massaging your stomach will bring relief within minutes. If you need a little extra help especially for nausea put one drop into a small glass of water and drink it, this will produce a great cooling effect in your stomach and you will feel much lighter.

To counter a sudden headache I suggest drinking a large glass of pure water then putting one drop of Peppermint Essential Oil in your palms, rubbing them together then cupping your mouth and nose and inhaling deeply through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. This is a strong oil and the fumes might burn your eyes a little, just make sure to not rub your eyes with your oily fingers!

On a hot summer day you can easily cool off or stay cool by applying a drop or less of peppermint essential oil behind your ears, on your chest and the back of your neck, the cooling effect will be immediate.

Adding  a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil to your favorite Natural Lemonade is also a great way to feel refreshed and invigorated on a warm day.

With peppermint essential oil you can also:

  • Relieve pain to bumps & bruises by applying Peppermint essential oil immediately to the injured area.
  • Reduce fever by rubbing a few drops of Peppermint oil on the bottoms of the feet.
  • Ease nausea, morning sickness or motion sickness by massaging several drops of Peppermint oil on the abdomen and soles of the feet.
  • Relieve a headache by rubbing a drop of Peppermint oil on the temples, forehead, and back of the neck. Caution: keep peppermint oil away from the eyes and never, ever put essential oil in your eyes!
  • Improve alertness and concentration by placing one drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue and rub another drop under the nose. Keep a bottle in your car for long drives; in your desk drawer at work for that mid-afternoon slump!
  • Enhance concentration and improve recall by diffusing Peppermint oil in the room while studying.
  • Relieve nasal and sinus congestion by placing a drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue and inhaling into the nose.
  • Flavor food with peppermint oil! See great naturally-sweetened Peppermint Brownie recipe below!
  • Kill aphids on houseplants by adding 4-5 drops of Peppermint oil to 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray the plants.
  • Curb the appetite and lessen the impulse to overeat by inhaling peppermint oil.

For more great ideas I suggest typing ‘Peppermint’ on our testimonials page, try it by clicking here

A word to the wise : Peppermint is very very strong, this is an oil where the rule ‘Less is More’ really applies! When using peppermint oil make sure you never use more than 2 drops. If ever the cooling effect is too strong for you dilute the essential oil with vegetable oil, NEVER USE WATER as this will only spread the oil and not dilute it.

Always use Therapeutic grade Essential Oils – Buy Young Living Essential Oils

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